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2. Live
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Sonic Foundry Sound Forge
Sonic Foundry Acid Pro

Using the Sound Sculpture track of another student as the only source material, this assignment required producing a new 2-5 minute track that makes new uses of the sound clips. Samples were to be modified and edited in Sound Forge and then compiled in Acid Pro to create a track with some musical element.

In deciding which track to base my work from, I randomly choose one from the folder and worked with the material whether it was something I actually found conducive to remixing or not. The track I chose happened to work out great. Most of the samples in the final track (with exception of the vocal parts) ended up being nearly unrecognizable to the source. For example, the grungy piano sounds where created using very small sections of the track looped repeatedly. They were then transposed in Acid Pro to create the melody lines and musical feel. In essence, this effect could probably be achieved sampling an equally small section of any sound source and then modifying it in Sound Forge.

I found myself wanting to follow a close song structure rather than going for a more ambient feel. This tendency comes from a strong rock/punk music influence. Using the digital environment for creation and all digital and sampled resources in combination with a band sense of construction results in an interesting piece. This attempt allowed me to push the limits of my knowledge of the software.

A challenging aspect to me is to avoid unnecessary repetition without being able to have actual lyrics. The vocal clips helped some, but also I found slight variations of melody lines or partial uses of already defined samples to be useful in this respect.