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3. Taken For A Weapon
seedtrack 02
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Sonic Foundry Sound Forge
Sonic Foundry Acid Pro
Sound Forum Synth

Using a seedtrack 01 file from another student as a primary source, a new 3-5 minute track was to be created using Sound Forge and then compiled in Acid Pro. Outside sources could also be used.

I wanted to combine the aspects of using software synthesizers and sampled material in this track. The rhythmic aspects of the track were created by modifying samples while the melodic bits were generated through software synthesis. The two methods of sound generation fit nicely together and extend the range of possible sounds within the track.

As with the first seed track, pulling particular audio clips from the source without the other parts of the track seeping through in an undesired manner proved difficult. Some of this could be pulled out with EQ adjustments while others just had to be worked around completely.