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5. And It's Warm Outside
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Sonic Foundry Sound Forge
Sonic Foundry Acid Pro
Absynth 1.3.3
Sound Fourm Synth
Sound Plant

All sounds were to be generated using Absynth and Sound Forum Synth. These sounds could be modified in Sound Forge and a final 3-5 minute mix was to be created in Acid Pro.

This track proved to be the most difficult for me. I tended to want to play the instruments as musically as possible rather than mess with the guts to get unique sounds. As with any instrument, without the talent to play it, it's hard to get something good from it. With little ability to play keyboards, this was the trap I fell into.

The sounds generated in my first attempt ended up being abandoned completely. The experience was carried on to the second attempt though and shaped the way I approached it. This track uses no loops. Everything was played repeatedly to prevent an overly strict rhythm and the order was mixed up from the original. One of the difficulties I faced with all my projects was to keep each sample on beat. On this track, I largely ignored keeping the beat and experimented with filling in inside and out of the beats.

The drum sounds were generated in Absynth, modified in Sound Forge and then compiled into a four-minute track using Sound Plant. This enabled me to get raw rhythms that don't necessarily feel computer generated giving the track less of an electronic, digital feel. Portions of that four-minute track made their way in and out of the completed piece.